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Grand Shooting

Grand Shooting

Grand Shooting is an online platform to optimize e-commerce photo production. Thanks to Grand Shooting, brands and digital agencies can organize photo production; from captures to online posting. It’s a new tool in the e-commerce world that allows brands to save time and money.


Grand Shooting was developed with Node.js. It was a great team project we collaborated on using Git. My responsibilities included frontend development, which was integrating Photoshop mock-ups made with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.


My tasks were mainly to contribute to the communication part of Grand Shooting, so I developed the company's website in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery on Wordpress. This website’s simple design allows professionals to integrate their workflow into the platform easily. The website’s clean design makes it easy to understand the benefits of using it.


In order to update users about Grand Shooting, I have created various newsletters to inform users about new and upcoming events.

Exemple de newsletter


I created the template emails that users receive. I also curated the emails based on users demographics. For example, a photographer will specifically receive emails about a photoshoot or an invitation to retouch photos. This is done automatically with Mixpanel.

Exemple d'emaillings

Studio by Grand Shooting

Studio by Grand

Grand shooting Studio is a website helping online platforms to optimize e-commerce photography online platforms to optimize e-commerce photo production for photo studios, production agencies and photographers.


Exactly like the Grand Shooting website, I developed the website on CMS Wordpress.

42 School's projects

42 school
FullStack Development

One of my school projects was to create a dating website. My mate and I built the project in full Javascript: React for the front-end and Node for the back-end. We used NEO4J as database, and GraphQL as query language. The project is hosted on Docker, you can check the code here.

You have a Match!

We used GraphQL's subscription (sockets) to have a real-time notifications and user's informations like status connection.

Plateforme web Grand Shooting sur iPad

User profile

The user can set his informations by adding profile pictures, he has to have a least one image to see other user's profiles

Exemple de profile page

User's conversation

Here is user's conversation in real time build with GraphQL's subscription (sockets).

Plateforme web Grand Shooting sur iPad

C programming

Fractol is a project aimed at exploring fractals, mathematical sets that exhibit a repeating pattern displayed at every scale. You can check the code here.

C programming

FDF is a 3D Wireframe Viewer. You can check the code here.



Fnac spectacles is an online Plateform to buy tickets of all your favourite shows : concerts, comedy, theater and more.


My tasks was mainly to develop the website so I created some news page like Disneyland page, personnalized pages (with Early birds), Christmas pages, Sales pages and a lot of mini website of Fnac's partner in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Hitch App

Hitch App
Ux Design

My mission with Hitch was to prototype and code the Front-End part of the Hitch platform which help peoples in Nigeria to access learning content without being online.

Adhoc Agency


The Adhoc agency is an advertising agency where I handled several digital projects. Here are some of them.

HPP Atlantique

HPP Atlantique offering an innovative system of cold pasteurization of food. I did both graphic design of the website and integration in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery the front-end part.


Food & Drinks brings together five catering establishments in Bordeaux in France. I did both graphic design of the website and integration in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery the front-end part.

I'm a Full Stack JS developer and UX designer from 42 school

My Coding skills :
- FRONT-END : React.js, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript
- BACK-END: Node.js, PHP, Express
- DATABASE: MySQL, GraphQl, PostgreSQL
- NETWORK: Docker

My Design skills :
- UX DESIGN : making personas, UX CARDS, User testing...
- UI : LOFI prototype and HIFI prototype

Contact me :

I also wrote a few articles about UX:

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